Author: Aaron Tournoux


Landscaping Ideas to Create Your Dream Home

Winter is Coming

No one wants to think about, but the signs are undeniable: cooler nights, shorter days, and signs for pumpkin patches. Fall is fast approaching and there’s nothing we can do to stop it, so why not embrace it? With fall comes lots of festivals, fun activities like pumpkin carving and corn mazes, bonfires, and apple cider (or pumpkin spice everything, if that’s your thing). Instead of letting the coming seasons sneak up on you, why not prepare for them instead.

Fall and Winter Services We Offer

Tournoux Landcare is proud to offer a variety of services for all seasons to keep your property looking pristine. Even though we’re entering the home stretch of the year, that doesn’t mean you need to wait until 2018 to get your yard in shape with our Lawn and Turf Care Services. We offer a 5 Step Lawn Fertilization program, which you can start at any point during the year. We organize the “Steps” by season, so we would start with Step 4, the (end of ) Summer Fertilization, apply Step 5, the Winterization Application, and begin at the beginning in 2018 with Step 1.

During the warmer months, our Lawn Mowing and Landscape Maintenance Crews do a wonderful job of keeping our customers lawns and landscapes in tip-top shape. Once the weather begins to cool off, they transition to a powerful Leaf Management crew. They mow, blow, collect, and haul away the leaves, keeping your yard and flower beds clean and well managed.


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It’s never too late for lawn care and maintenance for 2017, but why stop there? Get a jump on 2018! Fall and winter are GREAT for planning your next project, whether it be landscape or hardscape. The sooner you plan, the earlier (weather permitting, of course) we can get out there to get the job done, and the more time you get to spend enjoying your beautiful property. Give us a call so we can start planning your 2018 projects.