Office & Barn History

Tournoux Historic Family Barn to Office

What is the history of the Tournoux Family Barn?

The barn was originally built in the mid to late 1800’s on the family’s land in Middlebranch, Ohio. Throughout the 20th century and into the 21st century the barn was integral to the family’s farming history. It initially was used as a buggy shed but was later converted into a hog barn. In between this transformation the barn was said to be moved from the north side of State Street to the south side of the road. During Aarons’ grandfather’s lifetime the barn was used for raising livestock.

In 2009 the decision was made to tear down the historic barn. Aaron was inspired to relocate the barn to his parent’s property and create an unique office and showroom.

The Tournouxs’ were able to modify the old wood barn of the past into a very usable structure using the technology of today. The beginning of the design and construction was created with a very stable foundation using twelve inch cinder block stacked ten foot high and concrete poured footers. On top of this was the flooring for the barn. The height below the barn office flooring allows for the company to pull in large trucks and equipment. The basement flooring has radiant heat in the concrete floor which makes it usable year-round. This type of installation is a newer concept to this area but is catching on quickly inside and out.  This technology can be incorporated into front sidewalks and driveways. Once the heat exchange is turned on the installation will stay free from icing and certain amounts of snowfall in the winter. This technology is currently being offered to Tournoux residential and commercial clients.

It took planning, hard work, and dedication to move a wooden barn that is over a hundred years old. Not only that, but it takes an appreciation for the historic value from a barn or structure that has endured over a century.  The brothers, Aaron and Zach, both graduates of The Ohio State University, have that deep sense of devotion that is needed to take on a historic project like their family’s barn.

Not only were Aaron and Zach trying to save the heritage of the family barn, they were also trying to show how Tournoux Landcare can rediscover the past and make it part of the future. Using this business concept both Tournoux brothers are committed to saving and recycling any parts of your property while creating a new and improved vision. The Tournoux’s know everyone wants a backyard of their dreams, a timeless commercial property design, and with their knowledge in renovation and reclamation they can help.

We encourage you to make a personal appointment and stop by to check out the office and displays both inside the office/showroom and out. We at Tournoux Landcare LLC have photos available of the projects and designs we have created since our inception in 2006.

Aaron Tournoux is on the Stark County Fair Board, member of the Ohio Farm Bureau and of the Ohio Landscape Association, and a graduate of the Ohio State University in Agriculture.  He is President and Designer of all residential and commercial landscape, hardscape and waterscape projects for the company.

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