Permeable Pavers

Permeable Pavers – Harvest Rain Water

Call today and speak with Tournoux Landcare about designing a Rainwater Harvesting System that can be plumbed into your Permeable Paver Driveway or Patio to store water in addition to watering your landscaping or vegetable garden! Have Questions or Concerns? Check out FAQ

A Permeable Interlocking Concrete Paving Systems includes:

Permeable Pavers to Harvest Rain Water


Main StreetPermeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement were introduced into North America in the 90’s. Since that time PICP has gained acceptance in Canada and U.S. Intended for storm-water runoff reduction, solid concrete pavers are placed over a bedding course of highly permeable open-aggregate aggregate. The joints are filled with open-graded aggregate making the surface 100% permeable. The pavers and bedding layer are placed over an open-graded base and subbase which create a reservoir for stormwater storage and infiltration. PICP’s ability to reduce or eliminate stormwater runoff, even in intense rain events, also reduces pollution. PICP is intended for parking lots and low volume streets.

Design Professionals choose concrete pavers for:

  • Rapid construction using mechanical installation equipment
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Fast surface reinstatement after underground utility repairs
  • Traffic calming and increased safety
  • Upscale visual appeal
  • Runoff and pollutant reduction with PICP

ICPI’s technical and educational resources provide design professionals with the latest design insights and technical developments on interlocking concrete pavement and permeable interlocking concrete pavement.(Credit to